“Together” does not mean free of conflict, but when this becomes necessary, it is always characterised by respect and is an important step towards success.


Collaboration is of prime importance to me. We develop ideas and solutions together in the workshop, while coaching in the group or during individual coaching. “Co-creation” is my term for this. My concept is based on showing the way, not intervention.

Developing togetherness is especially important when working with or in virtual teams – connected worldwide, in various time zones, making direct interaction difficult. In the course of this I also support them in their commitment to setting up and expanding networks.

At strategy workshops and seminars we work with examples from your company. You learn from your own experiences, break patterns, positively change patterns of behaviour, and successfully implement new ideas into your daily work routine.

Strategy workshops and seminars

  • Agile management
  • Master complexity strategically
  • Strengthen multicultural teams
  • Lead changes for success

I prepare workshops in accordance with your company’s specifications. The concept is aligned to the circumstances at the company and the goals which you pursue.


CQ – Consulting, Coaching and Development
Christina Quirin, Hamburg
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Christina Quirin